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44th Film Fest Gent

Yes, it’s October again… Wednesday 11 October ArĂ¡bia “An intriguingly structured, multilayered road movie in which an ordinary working-class dude looks back over a nation-wandering decade of his life, this second collaboration by the writer-directors is a cumulatively engrossing and ultimately very moving work of clear-eyed political intent.” (The Hollywood Reporter) Thursday 12 October You … Continue reading

43rd Film Fest Gent

October. Film Fest time. Wednesday 12 October Bacalaureat (Graduation) Romeo Aldea (49) has raised his daughter Eliza with the idea that once she turns 18, she will leave to study and live abroad. On the day before her first written exam, Eliza is assaulted in an attack that could jeopardise her entire future. Now Romeo … Continue reading

42nd Film Fest Gent

OK, it would appear I haven’t posted a lot lately: my previous post was the Film Fest post of last year. A lot has happened since then, but maybe not that much interesting. Let’s just stick to “I’ve been too busy to post here.” So, a year later… this was our program for this year’s … Continue reading

41st Film Fest Gent

Another year, another Film Fest Gent. This was our program for this year. Wednesday 15 October Macondo Acclaimed documentary director Sudabeh Mortezai launches her fictional debute with this drama about refugees in Vienna. The story follows the life of an 11-year old Chechen child called Ramasan, who lives with his mother, after the death of … Continue reading

Pilsen adventure is coming to an end

I don’t often blog about personal things. But just a short note, mainly for my own reference later, when I start forgetting stuff. So since the end of September I’m back in Ghent, working again at Ghent University. It’s still quite busy, since I’m teaching in Ghent, starting up some new research, and wrapping things … Continue reading

Belgian eID on Ubuntu 13.10

As I explained in Getting Saucy, I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10. I wasn’t successful in using my eID on Ubuntu 13.04. Time to try if I can get it to work. The type of my smart card reader is ACR38U. I installed the drivers from the website of ACS, I followed the instructions on … Continue reading

Getting saucy

I know: Trusty Tahr has already been released and Raring Ringtail was already unsupported for a few months. But I finally upgraded to Saucy Salamander. The release of Saucy Salamander more or less coincided with my move to the Czech Republic, so at that time I didn’t really have time to upgrade. After that I … Continue reading

40th Film Fest Gent

This is the selection for this year. Wednesday 9 October Omar The drama, the story of three childhood friends and a young woman who are torn apart in their fight for freedom, is billed as the first fully-financed film to come out of the Palestinian cinema industry. Thursday 10 October The Selfish Giant Inspired by … Continue reading

Platonic solids in TikZ

Maybe you remember the series of articles I did about platonic solids in TikZ. For those of you interested in this, I have some good news: http://sourceforge.net/p/pgf/patches/17/

Upgrading from Oneiric

Last week I finally found the time to upgrade from Oneiric. I first upgraded to Precise and the next day I upgraded Quantal. I have to say that the upgrades seem to go better each time: there was practically no intervention needed. However, the problem I had the last time, still seems to exist: I’m … Continue reading