Empty out your trashcan, baby

I am one of those guys who likes to have the trash icon on the desktop. When I installed Lucid Lynx, I discovered it didn’t have such an icon on the desktop. 😦 OK, there’s an icon in the lower right corner of the screen, but I want a giant icon on the desktop. Mostly just because it looks cool. So here are the steps to get the trash icon on your desktop.

You start by running gconf-editor from a terminal. This opens a configuration editor with on the left a tree structure.

A screenshot of the configuration editor

A screenshot of the configuration editor

Open the apps node, select nautilus and finally select desktop. The window should now look like the screenshot above. Just select the check box next to trash_icon_visible, et voilà, your trash icon is now visible on the desktop.

Now just go to the desktop, right-click the trash icon, select Stretch Icon… and just drag the icon to the desired size. I usually go for extra-large because there is a large amount of trash on my computer. (Note: the size of the icon is in no way correlated with the amount of data that can go in the trash folder!)

A screenshot of my desktop

A screenshot of my desktop

Just a final note about the title: it’s taken from the song DI-1-9026 by Foetus.

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