2010 is not a good year to be a plant

At least not in my vegetable garden. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it wasn’t the best year. Luckily, if that’s the correct word, it is not  only the case here. I’ve heard from several people that it’s been a terrible summer, everything started out  too late, and when it started it was immediately struck by the heat wave of July. So, what was the verdict? Let’s have a look.

Only three of the bean plants made it to the plant stadium, but once they reached that point, honesty obliges me to say, they gave plenty of beans.
The first two zucchini plants were destroyed by a neighbourhood cat. The second two were more successful, but eventually one of them was also handled by that cat. The last one did produce several zucchinis.
The paprika plants were burnt by the sun, because they were just an inch tall when the heat wave hit Belgium. By that time however it was a bit too late to try a second time. So paprikas will be for next years.
The cherry tomatoes are a classic here, and this year again they did very well. A bit too well: they grow too large, could support their weight and  the pile of branches and leaves form the ideal environment for fungi. I don’t care what all the gardening books say: next year I’m pruning those cherry tomato plants.
The pumpkin plant’s roots were destroyed, but the second plant is now growing well and there are already several pumpkins starting to grow. Perhaps a bit too late, but I’m not that interested in huge pumpkins: it’s much easier when they have a manageable size.
The turnips are just sown and the parsnips will follow soon, so for these I can still be hopeful.

OK, it’s not all misery, but there have been better years.

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