Mapping drives in Citrix Receiver for Ubuntu

This morning I had a file that needed to be opened using Microsoft Office. I didn’t feel like restarting my laptop to boot run Windows. So this was the moment to finally use Citrix which I had already installed. I went to the university website and Microsoft Word started without any problem. I wanted to … Continue reading

37th Flanders International Film Festival

OK, a bit too late this year because I already saw one film, but as usual here’s my program for the film festival this year. Just the titles and abstracts for now. Some reviews might follow later. Thursday 14 October Bornova Bornova “Bornova Bornova” is set at a time when dreams have dwindled and sanity is … Continue reading

A man without qualities

Last friday I went to the theater to watch the first part of The Man Without Qualities by the company Toneelhuis. The short abstract taken from their website should be sufficient to understand the basic storyline for those of you not familiar with the book: The first part of a trilogy based on the novel … Continue reading

Starting an internet meme

This summer I decided to start an internet meme: a board game flyby. I had just bought a new cell phone and when we were playing a board game I decided to make a close-up video of the game. Since then I’ve made several and I’ve uploaded them to YouTube. Now I just have to … Continue reading