Returning from Canada

Ok, so I didn’t keep my promise to keep you up to date about my stay in Canada. Let me just recapitulate by saying that it was an entertaining week where I met several pleasant people, heard many interesting talks and for the first time didn’t speak to fast while giving a talk.

What i wanted to talk about here today is my adventures when going back home. Not the most interesting or earthshaking story, but I’ve seen people rant on blogs about far less. So here goes… I arrived at the airport in Sidney on time and went through the security check without a problem. When the boarding time passed by nothing happened. After some time they announced that there were some technical problems when they started up the plane (I had an early flight, so it was the first flight of the day for that airplane) and that a technician needed to come and have a look. This meant a delay of more than half an hour. Fortunately I had sufficient time for my connection in Toronto.
When we were almost near Toronto the captain announced that we were being put into a waiting pattern due to a storm over Toronto. Fortunately this was just a short delay and after little more than 15 minutes we were back on route for Toronto.
I had still some time to spare in Toronto so I grabbed something to eat while crossing the terminal to get to my connecting flight. Once I got there the monitors just changed and I was directed to another gate: right next to the gate where I had arrived just a bit earlier. Lucky I always try to have plenty of time to be able to deal with these sudden changes. This time we could board at the scheduled moment, but once we were on the plane nothing much happened. After a while they told us that there had been a last-minute change of plane and that the plane we were on was original planned for an immediate transatlantic flight, while we were first flying to Montreal and only then continuing to Brussels. This however meant that this plane had too much fuel to land in Montreal and so they had to pump out some fuel before they could take off. Pumping out some fuel out of an Airbus apparently takes more than an hour. After this we had to wait a bit longer for the ground crew to get the airplane to the runway, but after that was done we were back on route.
We finally were able to make up a bit of the delay in Montreal and when we landed in Brussels I was just little less than an hour late.

Sorry about the rant, but I thought I finally had something about which I could talk on this blog. I actually enjoyed the flight and I could pass the time away by watching movies on my laptop or the in-flight entertainment system. So don’t worry: this was far from a nightmare.

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