Migrating from svn to git

Recently I started looking around at GitHub and reading some tutorials on git. I decided to migrate some of my work related repositories from svn to git. This is the story of how that went. Basically this is explained on GitHub, but they leave out some details which might be needed for first-timers like me. … Continue reading

TikZ folding: The truncated cuboctahedron

This is the next post in a recent series of posts I’ve been writing about the TikZ folding library. This series finds it origin in a post about an extension to the TikZ folding library, which I wrote about three years ago. This post was brought back to my attention recently, and this has motivated … Continue reading

TikZ folding: Three more Archimedean solids

As I explained in a previous post, my interest in the TikZ folding library was recently rekindled, three years after I first added the remaining Platonic solids to that library. I’ve been busy added the remaining Archimedean solids. In that previous post I explained the preparatory work I had done for the remaining Archimedean solids. … Continue reading

TikZ folding: Preparing for the archimedean solids

Some years ago I played around with the folding library of TikZ. I extended it a bit to include all platonic solids and also added two Archimedean solids. I wrote a blog article about this, which can be found here. In that article I promised to finish the remaining Archimedean solids. I didn’t let it … Continue reading