Curing LaTeX’s paranoia

To ease the maintenance of my PhD thesis I’ve split up the document source into several parts and placed them in a folder hierarchy that seemed appropriate (to me). The root is a folder named writings. Below that folder there is a folder for each chapter. For the purpose of this blog post I’ll refer … Continue reading

Preparing for FOSDEM

I’m ‘preparing’ for a blitz visit to FOSDEM this weekend. My weekend is filled with other obligations, but I’ll still try to see some talks and look at some stands on saturday. Whoever reads this: I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu: take 2

Ok, so my hard drive crashed. And I talking major no-survivors airplane crash. Thank god for backups. Too bad I was still setting up some things and not everything was properly backed up, but nothing imported was lost. I got my computer back 26h after turning it in. With a new hard drive and a … Continue reading

Mapping drives in Citrix Receiver for Ubuntu

This morning I had a file that needed to be opened using Microsoft Office. I didn’t feel like restarting my laptop to boot run Windows. So this was the moment to finally use Citrix which I had already installed. I went to the university website and Microsoft Word started without any problem. I wanted to … Continue reading

Empty out your trashcan, baby

A screenshot of my desktop

I am one of those guys who likes to have the trash icon on the desktop. When I installed Lucid Lynx, I discovered it didn’t have such an icon on the desktop. 😦 OK, there’s an icon in the lower right corner of the screen, but I want a giant icon on the desktop. Mostly … Continue reading

Dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Ubuntu logo and Windows logo

I finally bought a new laptop. I usually postpone these kind of things to the point that even a dinosaur would refer to me as grandfather. Now, I mostly get by with a ‘light’ system. I’m no gamer and when I’ve got a difficult calculating task I have computers enough at work that can do … Continue reading

TikZ folding: Adding the platonic solids and beyond

An unfolding of a truncated tetrahedron

When creating images for slides or papers, I quite often use PGF/TikZ. This is a powerful package that allows the creation of graphics within LaTeX and similar. Upon browsing through the TikZ manual I found the description of a library called folding. This library allows the creation of so-called folding nets that can then be … Continue reading