Gent Jazz bis

Last Friday and Saturday it was time for the second and third visit to Gent Jazz. As is usual with Gent Jazz the second week features less ‘real jazz’ and more poppy artists. As the announcer cleverly noticed all artists on Friday started with the letter A. First up was Agnes Obel. I have to … Continue reading

Gent Jazz

Yesterday we had our annual date with Gent Jazz festival. Despite the unpredictable weather it turned out to be an excellent evening. The new design of the festival site is – in my eyes – a great improvement. It’s something special to build your concert tent around a small orchard, but when it comes down … Continue reading


Just a small post about a great album. I’m talking about the album Nail from Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel aka Foetus. This album has been on my iPod for a long time and I think it’ll stay on there for even longer. I still enjoy listening to this album as much as I did … Continue reading

Making music at the museum

Last summer I went to Barcelona and on a rainy day decided to visit the local science museum, Cosmo Caixa. If you ever find yourself in Barcelona I can only recommend this museum. I couldn’t resist the urge of playing around with this ‘music instrument’. As you can see, I’m still as musically untalented as … Continue reading

Hipp hipp hurray… live noises #4

Last friday I went to hipp hipp hurray… live noises #4 . Besides enjoying some nice performances I took the chance for some music shopping. Luckily I managed to find a plastic bag at a night shop on the way home. 😉 These are my new acquisitions: IRM – Indications Of Nigredo (12″) ( Pestdemon … Continue reading