Gent Jazz

Yesterday we had our annual date with Gent Jazz festival. Despite the unpredictable weather it turned out to be an excellent evening. The new design of the festival site is – in my eyes – a great improvement. It’s something special to build your concert tent around a small orchard, but when it comes down … Continue reading

Returning from Canada

Ok, so I didn’t keep my promise to keep you up to date about my stay in Canada. Let me just recapitulate by saying that it was an entertaining week where I met several pleasant people, heard many interesting talks and for the first time didn’t speak to fast while giving a talk. What i … Continue reading

A view of the inner harbour of Victoria

O Canada!

My first trip outside Europe is to Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Weather forecast had prepared me for a week of rain and moderate temperatures, but arriving here I found I had better packed a sweater less and included some sunscreen in my suitcase. Still a bit jet-lagged I went for a walk before breakfast … Continue reading


Just a small post about a great album. I’m talking about the album Nail from Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel aka Foetus. This album has been on my iPod for a long time and I think it’ll stay on there for even longer. I still enjoy listening to this album as much as I did … Continue reading

Curing LaTeX’s paranoia

To ease the maintenance of my PhD thesis I’ve split up the document source into several parts and placed them in a folder hierarchy that seemed appropriate (to me). The root is a folder named writings. Below that folder there is a folder for each chapter. For the purpose of this blog post I’ll refer … Continue reading


I recently discovered this flagrant form of sabotage. I usually end my drive home from work at this bus station and then walk the final meters home through the grass. This was however no longer possible, because somebody dug a trench in the middle of my route. I almost fell into it because the first … Continue reading

Preparing for FOSDEM

I’m ‘preparing’ for a blitz visit to FOSDEM this weekend. My weekend is filled with other obligations, but I’ll still try to see some talks and look at some stands on saturday. Whoever reads this: I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu: take 2

Ok, so my hard drive crashed. And I talking major no-survivors airplane crash. Thank god for backups. Too bad I was still setting up some things and not everything was properly backed up, but nothing imported was lost. I got my computer back 26h after turning it in. With a new hard drive and a … Continue reading

Chips, double cheese burger and chicken nuggets

Sinful food

Sometimes I can’t control myself and I just need to go and eat some chips during my lunch break. Real belgian fries from one of my favourite fries shops. My usual order is shown below: a small pack of fries with mayo, a double cheese burger,chicken nuggets and a cup samurai sauce. Adding up to … Continue reading

Top 5 of work-time snacks

Just a short top 5 of my favourite work-time snacks. Don’t mind the mess, I know I don’t have the cleanest desk. 🙂 Number 5 are the wasabi mix nuts: peanuts with a wasabi flavour. Number 4 is for the pistachio nuts. Too bad they require so much work to be eaten. Number 3 is … Continue reading