Platonic solids in TikZ

Maybe you remember the series of articles I did about platonic solids in TikZ. For those of you interested in this, I have some good news:

TikZ folding: The truncated cuboctahedron

This is the next post in a recent series of posts I’ve been writing about the TikZ folding library. This series finds it origin in a post about an extension to the TikZ folding library, which I wrote about three years ago. This post was brought back to my attention recently, and this has motivated … Continue reading

TikZ folding: Three more Archimedean solids

As I explained in a previous post, my interest in the TikZ folding library was recently rekindled, three years after I first added the remaining Platonic solids to that library. I’ve been busy added the remaining Archimedean solids. In that previous post I explained the preparatory work I had done for the remaining Archimedean solids. … Continue reading

TikZ folding: Preparing for the archimedean solids

Some years ago I played around with the folding library of TikZ. I extended it a bit to include all platonic solids and also added two Archimedean solids. I wrote a blog article about this, which can be found here. In that article I promised to finish the remaining Archimedean solids. I didn’t let it … Continue reading